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Rectangular tablecloth
For dining room table.

Hemstitch Tablecloth

Luxembourg Style

Mosaic Pattern

Irish Hemstitch

Embroidered Tablecloth
Cotton tablecloth
Imperial Style

Crochet Tablecloth

Crochet Tablecloth
Hand Crocheted
Burgundy color

Lace Tablecloth

Irish Rose Tablecloth

Round tablecloth

Irish Rose Style

Crochet Tablecloth
72" burgundy

Embroidered Tablecloth

Crochet Tablecloth
90" Round & 54" SQ.

Crochet tablecloth
54" Square Burgundy

Crochet Tablecloth
72" Round

Embroidery Tablecloth
90" round tablecloth

Crochet Round tablecloth
72' Round Burgundy

Crochet Round Tablecloth
72" Round.White color.


Rose Style Hand Crochet
Round Tablecloth

32" Round
Rose Crochet $25.00 each
Ecru color only.


Square Tablecloth
Battenburg Lace
Canterbury Style

Hemstitch Square tablecloth
Edinburgh Style
45"SQ or  72"SQ.

Cutwork Design
72" Square. Ecru color.
Empress Style.

Old Fashion Lace
Battenburg tablecloth
Square. Only.

Square Table
Hemstitch border with
Pink & Blue Roses

Solid Plain tablecloth
Irish style. Hemstitch
72" Square. White
36" square. white & ecru.

Square Crochet Tablecloth
36"square, 45" SQ. 54" SQ
All cotton. Handmade.

54" Square Burgundy
Crochet Square tablecloth
Sun Flower Style.

Embroidered Square tablecloth
36" Square. Only size.
Imperial Style