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34" Round Linen
34" Round Linen Square Tablecloth Oval Tablecloth Round Tablecloth Rectangular Tablelinen Napkin

The Tablecloth Place



The Tablecloth Place

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The Lace Parasol Place


Irish Hemstitch Parasols
19" (38" Arc when open)

Black Battenburg Parasols
Sizes: 8"(16"), 12" (24")

Battenburg Lace Store

Old Fashion Battenburg 
Happy Hearts  doily.
Doily with a lot of hearts.

Hand Crochet Round doilies

Hand Crochet Square doilies

The Lace Store, Inc

12 New colors hand towel
With hemstitched borders

The Handkerchief Place

Handmade Lace Handkerchief

All New Color handkerchiefs
13"x13" square, soft cotton handkerchiefs
12 different "Fashion" colors
With hemstitched border




Round Tablecloth
Round Table Topper
34" round tablecloth / table topper.
Embroidered round tablecloth.


Round tablecloth / table topper
34" Round.

Nicole Style. Battenburg Lace
White color 
34" round tablecloth / topper.
$12.00 each

Spring Flower
Embroidered appliquéd  
White and Ecru color.
34" round tablecloth / topper.
$12.00 each







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